After the Brexit- Enter Theresa May

On Wednesday (13th July, 2016), Theresa May took over as the new Prime Minister of Britain. Tasked with steering the country through the difficult aftereffects of the Brexit, May is seldom a humourist. Being the second female in the job after Margaret Thatcher, she has taken over the reigns from David Cameron. Shadowing Cameron on his campaign for Britain staying in EU at the time of the vote, May is ironically now entrusted with shifting her gears along with the country, to make this work.

Embracing the “accidentally-let-out” phrase describing her as a “bloody difficult woman” (as per some of the party workers), May in an interview quoted “politics could do with some bloody difficult women actually.” This steely woman in her first interview made her intentions clear. She announced that “Brexit means Brexit”, and that she will now be putting in her single minded effort put towards working on making the exit a success.

Another area where she is expected to perform with ferocious seriousness is Britain’s individual trade agreements with other countries. One of the most important countries here being USA and with its current president serving the last leg of his two year term, May will have to be on the best of her charms, in their meeting next month.

May comes with a power packed experience in the field of international diplomacy, education and upliftment of women. In her interactions with the media she has made it abundantly clear that she will not only be looking towards taking the rich of the country ahead. Rather, May plans to bring all the citizens of the country at same level and then carry the country to its greatness. She has been going around communicating the new government’s functioning not pegging on the needs of the rich and influential of the country.

The Congratulatory Furor

The citizens of the country in question are at the moment trying their best to cope with the changed environment and the upcoming unknown. However this did not stop them from congratulating the new appointment made in the country, by the Queen. The party website, Twitter and Facebook have been continuously abuzz with the congratulatory messages for Ms. May, since the announcement of her appointment. Some congratulations being so feverish that people actually have been tagging the famous UK pornstar Teresa May on their messages, instead.

Teresa, suddenly ambushed with thousands and millions of messages, took to Twitter, commenting about how much people actually are observant of their country’s happening. She also ended up editing her twitter bio to “Not the Prime Minister”. #GodLol

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