Top 5 Amazing Gadgets Showcased At CES 2016

The annual Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2016 was the very first consumer tech show of the year and like every year it was not at all disappointing. We got to see some amazing as well as weird tech appliances and believe me there were many. However, we cannot take you through all of them, but here are top 5 amazing gadgets that are really going to turn you on about the future of mankind.

5. SCiO Food Scanner

SCiO food scanner

In today’s world, almost everyone one of us wishes to remain healthy and SCiO has come up with an amazing scanner that can help you in analysing almost every food item that you eat. SCiO food scanner is a pocket sized device that gives you a complete nutrition report of the food item you wish to eat. There is a small sensor at the top of the device that scans the chemical makeup of the item with the help of infrared spectroscopy and presents the carbs as well as the fat content of the food.

4. LG Rollable Display

On one hand every electronic company is competing to come out with the sharpest and largest display, LG on the other hand showcased a rollable display which was just 1 mm thick. Yes you read it right, the 18 inch rollable OLED display can play videos anywhere as the user can pack and carry it anywhere he wants. LG foresees a future where rollable displays can be availed in all sizes and can replace projectors and tradition TVs in homes and offices.

3. Ehang Passenger Drone

Ehang drone

Ehang is a Chinese drone maker who has come up with a large sized 500 pound flying drone that is going to serve as a transport vehicle too. The passenger drone can take one person in air at a speed of 62 miles per hour and can stay up to 23 minutes in air in a single charge. The drone also takes care on one’s safety as well via various safety equipment installed in it. However, it is not legal in United States yet.

2. Hydrao Smart Shower

Hydrao Shower

Wastage of water is one of the biggest problem that we are facing now days and Hydrao Smart Shower could be an excellent solution to this. We all wish to save water but in order to do it effectively it is important to analyse how much are we wasting it. Hydrao Smart Shower possesses a Bluetooth module which can be connected to an iPad or iPhone to set intervals at which you will be reminded of the amount of water you have used. You can set intervals for 5 gallons or 10 gallons etc., and the shower will light up with different colours for different intervals. In addition to that, the shower makes use of tiny turbines and running water to power the LED lights as well as the Bluetooth module installed in it.

1. Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator

The best appliance at CES 2016 was Samsung’s new Family Hub Smart Refrigerator which has a 21.5 inch full HD touchscreen installed in it. The screen is pretty smart and integrates Amazon Alexa too. There are two camera installed in the fridge that lets the user to monitor the inside contents. In addition to that, the refrigerator is accessible through a mobile application as well. The screen is covered with a gorilla glass so that it remains protected from unexpected shocks and damages.


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