Top 5 Movies with Best Plot Twist

Plot Twist’, a word that is loved by movie freaks all over the world. A good plot twist plays a crucial role in turning a good movie into an excellent one. There are many films that you can find that will treat you with unexpected endings, but there are some that are going to turn your world upside down and leave you with your jaw dropped within blink of an eye. Since, I am a movie freak as well, here is my personal list of top 5 movies with the best plot twists you will ever find.

1 The Usual Suspects

The usual suspectsThe Usual Suspects has the best story line you would find in the entire industry. The movie won couple of Academy Awards for its outstanding cast and exceptional plot twist. The story revolves around a person named ‘Keyser Soze’. However, the end of the movie is going to leave you speechless when you get the answer of the most asked question, i.e. “Who is Keyser Soze?” If you haven’t watched this movie, you should stop reading this article and watch it now.

Plot Twist: Kint himself is Keyzer Soze. During the whole movie he tells the detectives a story that he creates on spot by picking up various names from their board. In the end he also reveals his normality when everybody though he was crippled.

2 Shutter Island

shutter-island-movie-be-made-into-tv-seriesUndoubtedly, the best movie I have ever watched with an ending that is going to leave your mind troubled for days. In the movie, Teddy Daniels played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a United States Marshall who tries to track down Rachel Solando, a patient who killed her 3 children. However, the movie gets really complicated as it reaches the climax. This movie is going to leave you bamboozled when you find out about Rachel Solando.

Plot Twist: Teddy Daniels is actually Andrew Leddis and is himself a patient at the hospital. Rachel Solando was actually his wife whom he murdered after discovering that she drowned his 3 children to death. The whole detective thing was a game that the doctors played with him in order to help him recover. However, in the end Leddis says, “Which would be worse? To live as a monster, or to die as a good man?”  This gives us a hint that he might be sane and played the game again and again with the doctors in order to remove the guilt of the horrible thing he did from his mind.


oldboy2003This movie is going to blow up your mind and might keep you awake the whole night. Believe me, it took me 2-3 days to overcome this plot twist. Oh Dae Su, the male lead is kept in a room imprisoned for 15 years without any reason and is set free one day. He then tries to take revenge from the person who kept him there for no reason. In his quest he meets a young chef Mi-do with whom he falls in love.

Plot Twist: Mi-do is actually his daughter. The kidnapper planned the whole thing so that he falls in love with his own daughter and sleeps with her.

4 Donnie Darko

the-weekly-outfit-donnie-darko-00This movie is really going to interest all the geeks out there. The movie revolves around a kid named Donnie whose bedroom is destroyed by an aeroplane crash. After the crash, Donnie is visited by a messenger of the apocalypse, a human sized rabbit who gives him some really bad ideas.

Plot Twist: The whole movie was Donnie’s hallucination and is referred as parallel universe which he experienced the moment right before the plane’s engine crashes into his room and he dies.

5 The Prestige

the-prestigeIt is my favourite film and it is not because the director is Christopher Nolan. It is because it shows how a simple story can be turned into a masterpiece. The movie is about two rival magicians, Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) and Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) who compete in order to invent a spectacular stage illusion, which is later accompanied by obsession and jealousy. The movie with leave you speechless when you see one of them win.

Plot Twist: No one wins in the end. Borden is actually twin and this is how he simply pulls the trick of “The transported man”. On the other hand Angier gets a machine from Tesla that creates his clone every time he uses the machine. It is really hard to decide in the end that who lost more among both of them.

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