Will Trump Be Able To Make America Great Again?

As the Obamas leave on their last trip aboard Air Force One, America and world gets ready for the new order. Soon USA will welcome (with open arms or not) its new President-elect, Donald John Trump into the White House. The 70 year old businessman and television personality has never held a political position in his life, before. Considering that Obama at the time of his election was said to have less experience in office, this one is very scary to even start comprehending. Add to that the fact that the home country itself is still reeling with the results of the elections. It still has different strata of people giving out mixed reactions about the ongoing events.

Right from the senate’s vote on scrapping Obamacare to the current White House staff clearing off their desks to let the replacements in, the whole country is in motion. It is not just the government employees who are preparing for the 20th, but the citizens too are doing their bit. While the magazines are running their customary round-up on the handover, our entertainers are not far away from sharing their piece of mind with the audience. Like this clip of the Key & Peele show with their famed character Luthar, who is Obama’s anger translator. This clip shows a possible farewell speech Obama should have considered for his last weekly broadcast. Watching the video you will feel nothing short of amusement and just the right kind of meanness towards Trump.

While one side of entertainers have taken to the lighter side, the other kind just went ahead and chose the emotional bantering as the style towards the President-elect. Yes, we are talking about the now famed, shared and re-shared Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech. While the speech was made with good intent, it was more of a personal attack. That’s the reason probably why it soon lost its impact. While the media was busy trying to figure out probable foreign relations with Russia and weapon’s policy Trump could bring, Streep just doused all that fire with tears from her fraternity. Everyone just lost view of the agenda of this government and major chunk of belief at the initial stage itself. Sadly enough, even the 45th President thought it more important to muddy himself in this situation instead of focusing on working on promising hope to citizens.

The country is basically divided into two sections right now. There’s that section that elected Trump and is eagerly waiting to “Make America Great Again”. While the other section booed when Obama spoke of “ensuring a smooth transition to Trump”, during his farewell address. In the last few months the country has truly seen a vibrant variation of response to its own decision. Starting from the comedian Seth Myers openly taking a shot at Trump in his late night show to people supporting Trump violently on facebook.

Clearly there is a tussle on around this area, but one question that is still unswered is “Who really voted for Trump?”. Because clearly there is more negative response to his being elected to office than otherwise. So much is the angst amongst some people that there is a gay dance party planned to sabotage Trump’s inauguration on the 20th.

Yes we Indians are majorly concerned about how is this change going to affect us. However, it seems very clear that there is an internal turmoil within USA that will be catching a storm soon. Add to this that the man of the hour seems to show no respect for the presidential traditions or is ready to listen to any word of logic while he is in the spot light. In any case, come 20th January, there is going to be something for everyone to talk about.

All we can say for now is that whatever it may be planned on the 20th, it sure will be a specter.

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