Trump Vs Hillary – The Deep Sea And The Devil

With only a few days to go for the 45th US presidential elections, things are not looking up. The run up to elections in the USA has been no less than scripted TV reality shows. Mudslinging, name calling, ridiculous brash comments, fistfights over Twitter et al. 2016 US Presidential elections got murkier by the hour, if not day. On one hand Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump endorses not paying taxes and calls it a smart move. While on the other hand the Democratic champion Hillary Clinton feels she can dab her way to the White House.

One wonders what’s next? A twerking competition with Miley Cyrus as the referee maybe!

Every time Donald Trump gets up on the podium, he manages to lace his speeches with casual racism and chauvinism. Ofcourse his sheer foolishness being the continuous undercurrent. He’s announced that he would like to sack news presenters for being too fat and that Lindsay Lohan has “way too many freckles on her chest.” During the presidential debate he continuously interrupted Hillary Clinton during her speech and blamed her for coming unprepared for the debate. Even as various Republicans now question their decision to support him. Still Trump refuses to grow up. The only thing worse than his speeches is probably his hairstyle.

One of the pinnacles of his idiocracy was when his media team blamed the current President Barack Obama for the death of Humayun Khan, a captain in the US Army. It is another matter, and perhaps irrelevant for Trump and his team that the captain laid his life four years before Obama’s presidency. But Trump, oh Trump. Being the foot in mouth horse that he is, he went on to mock the deceased soldier’s parents on national television, pointing out how his mother didn’t speak because “she probably wasn’t allowed to.”

For a nation that takes its soldiers way too seriously, this should have been the nail in the coffin. Trump nevertheless was far from being satiated. His next plan, the mantra for solving all problems related to women was to “Grab Em by The……….”. You get the drift, don’t you?. Trump then proceeded to air his plans about America’s relations with Russia if he were to win, stating “ I don’t know much about Putin. He seems like a good man, him and I got along well when we met. Maybe our countries will too”. Pure brainfart if you ask me.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, while definitely more calm and collected, stands for a deeper evil than she lets on in the first look. While Trump is an idiot braying out in the open, she is much more closed and cunning. Wily like foxes. In 2015, Hillary was responsible for manhandling many sensitive emails and opening them on her private browser, causing massive privacy breaches during her tenure as the Secretary of State. She has been accused on numerous occasions of accepting bribes and financial favors as early as the time of her husband’s  reign as the governor of New York.

Many allege that she used her position as the Secretary of State to fill the coffers of Clinton Foundation. All the while simultaneously selling state secrets to foreign governments. The Benghazi issue didn’t help either. Clinton casually shrugged off the deaths due to the attack on the American Consulate in Libya. She drove the final nail in her own coffin when on being questioned on who were her biggest enemies, she promptly answered “ The Republicans!”, making half of America wonder what they had done to deserve her elitist wrath.

Another one of impediments to Hillary’s campaign is her image. The average American voter can’t help but wonder why there exists a separate set of laws for the Clintons, and a tougher, “no mercy” law for them. Her shifting stance on almost everything, from guns to Iran to taxes, wherein she tries to appease all, is not helpful either. Hillary may have the experience and grit to win but there are serious questions that arise when it comes to her credibility and integrity.


Where Hillary assures immigrants of working visas and healthcare ( once again, a U- turn from her earlier stance of “America for the Americans”). Meanwhile her opponent, in all his seriousness, goes ahead to a “Hindus for Trump” rally. And yes, declares himself to be ‘ A HUGE FAN OF THE HINDU’. *Much appreciate*. Such is the irony. That the most powerful nation in the world must choose to be led by either a rich, uncultured goofball or a corrupt political stalwart.

For the first time in the history, the US elections have become an everyday circus. With Donald Trump wrapping up his final presidential debate with the words “I might not accept the outcome of this election, it would definitely be rigged if I didn’t win by a landslide.” Democratic much?

Pinch yourself, America; you’re in the middle of a nightmare. So much for establishing democracy in (oil rich) countries around the world.
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