7 Litterers Who Work Hard Against Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

No matter how much you support Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, there will always be a point in your life where you’ll find yourself throwing waste on the road for some reason or the other. Some litterers boast about it, some keep silent on it. Here are seven types of litterers that you’ll find anywhere you go:

The “Freedom Fighter”

These type of litterers are just like freedom fighters when it comes to littering the roads. They throw rubbish anywhere they feel like, taking the streets to be their own because “Ye dharti meri maa hai” (you must have sounded like Suniel Shetty, just saying). They are also the ones who obediently go with the societal norms. But they litter the streets like a boss!

The “Ek baar chalta hai” Litterer

These type of litterers kind of like cleanliness but if they throw waste on the road, they try to escape the embarrassment by saying “ek baar hi toh kiya hai“. They must be having a strong belief in YOLO.

The “Shooter”

For these litterers, going to the dustbin is way too passé. So, they aim the waste from a distance, shooting it in the direction of the dustbin. If they miss the shot, don’t think they’ll go to the dustbin to drop the waste, because even that’s way too passé.

The “James Bond”

These litterers are no less than James Bond when it comes to littering the streets. They are just like agents on a mission. They’ll litter the road in front of you and you won’t even realize! A common technique used here is where they crumple a supposedly waste paper, holding it tight between their fingers, throwing it in less than the time taken by the other to glimpse. Do bullet trains have the same speed?

The “Pick & drop”

No, they do not do any service but the opposite of it. These kind of litterers are often confused beings. If some waste falls off, they’ll have only one question in mind “to pick or not to pick?” leaving the waste there in most of the cases. A question with an obvious answer, though.

The Dustbin Litterers

These type of litterers do go to the dustbin and put waste in it but if some of it falls out of it, it will remain their till the end of time, ignored and alone. But they did go to the dustbin, they did!

The “Kabhi kabhi hota hai” Litterer

They are not regular litterers but when waste falls off their bags, they go back to the time when they did not litter the road, avenging that they get off by saying “Kabhi kabhi hota hai“.


Not littering the streets is keeping the Earth clean and green but what we need to understand is that even littering once is being a regular litterer because it’s not only you who commits this mistake once or twice, there are many. So, whenever you see any of these litterers, make sure they do not commit the same mistake again.

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