7 Unconventional Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

If you are one those people who think that Instagram is just for selfies, then you are highly wrong. The photo plus hashtag based application is used by billions around the world. Some of us use it as a photo diary. Some to demonstrate the details of their daily lives. While some use it to post pictures of themselves and their family and friends.

However what most of us don’t know is that due to the hashtags used a lot of artistic communities have sprung up on the site. Interestingly, these are related to a lot of topics like travel, art, photography, movies etc. So we did a research on some of such amazing accounts. These Instagram accounts are sure to make your feed more interesting and vibrant. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these accounts mentioned here, and accordingly decide for yourself.

1. @punkflowerchild

There is a whole writing community on Instagram. These people use Instagram to put their written art in the form of nice graphics and captions. Even if you are new to the whole Instagram writing thing, all you need to do is to design your post. Once that is done, you can put them up with the widely used Instagram writing hashtags. Within no time, you will get feedback and the response shall double if you are willing to return it to other eager writers online. Some hashtags that can be used are #writersofinstagram, #writersofig, #writerscommunity, #poetsofinstagram, #poetsofig etc.

One of these writers highly appreciated on Instagram is Punkflowerchild, otherwise known as s.d. which are her initials at the end of each poem. With around 4k followers to boast off, the young writer writes dazzling poetry. She sometimes also posts stuff about her personal life online. Her followers know her to be a young girl who likes Mathew Grey Gubler and is a pisces with long straight hair.

Her poems go through the themes of love, loss, individuality, and many abstract topics. She even writes about her father whom she lost sometime back. Her writing style is unique, simple and yet very captivating.

2. @4.a.m

If you are someone who hates the urban slang, this writer will make you doubt your hatred. The writer of this account writes peotry as charming as Shakespeare’s with a modern twist. Further, he uses the urban slang and short forms to pen down his thoughts. And yet all the while maintaining his grace and meaning. Some of his poems are abstract, yet some are to the point and leaves one with a weird satisfaction of their aesthetic.

3. @filthyratbag


Not choosing to keep her identity hidden, this gem of an artist is Celeste Mountjoy. Based in Melbourne, she creates funny caricatures and art pieces related to the human psyche. Her female caricatures are long nude cartoons with body hair and menstrual blood. And she often gets into trouble for the nudity she depicts. However, none can deny the witty, sassy and often resigned nature of her comics. Tanmay Bhatt, member of All India Bakchod or AIB is also a fan of the artist. She has around a million followers, and even sells merchandise with her art on it.

4. @hippieinhills


Hippie in hills is a tour company that organises various trekking trips to Indian range of mountains. However, their instagram account is a thing of its own altogether. People taking trips to the mountains can use the hashtag #hippieinhills and get featured on the page. Due to this, the page has a wonderful myriad of photos depicting rare and eye-catching scenes from the mountains. From the faces and emotions of the natives to the beauty of these cold places, the account offers all. Therefore the user generated content of the page is a photographic marvel.

5. @theportraitpr0ject

The portrait project is an Instagram page dedicated solely to portraits. The page has millions of followers and presents artists dedicated to portraits, everyday. To get featured, all one has to do is use the hashtag #theportraitpr0ject along with their work. If your work gets selected, it shall be featured on the page along with your profile. The page is yet another photographic wonder to look at. Faces of every cast, creed, shape, and emotions can be found on this Instagram account.

6. @thekatvond


A lot of people might be familiar with the ‘LA Ink’ tattooer Kat Von D. Being one of the most famous tattooers of all time, she is one unconventional person. Her instagram account is also a good follow. The page features everything from her tattoo projects and her weird yet cool make-up line. Interestingly, the artwork she posts about from time to time are also quite historically relevant and interesting. Her page is a tattoo/make-up enthusiast’s paradise.

7. @teaforbear

10 7

Sergey Minkin is a Russian photographer who came up with a very unique concept to run his Instagram account in. He forms the perfect combination of geometry and aesthetic scenery to a type of photography that he calls “his cup of tea.” The unique composition of his photographs are such that they split in the middle with an object at 45 degree angle. And all his ingenuity takes is some newfound perspective. He started his ‘tea’ project a year ago and is an inspiration to photographers to think out of the box.

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