7 Underrated Actors/ Supporting Actors of Hollywood

When a movie has a star cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio or Meryl Streep, we often overlook the actors that make these actors shine throughout the movie. Little do we know that these are the actors who don’t really charge a bomb for their roles, do not get to be in the limelight, but are the ones that just walk away with the movie/series.

There have been so many actors that outshine the lead actors even with their mere cameos. These are not necessarily supporting actors but also lead ones. They don’t always get the recognition that they deserve for doing some extraordinary roles. We bring to you a list of such actors and actresses that you may have seen and loved, but you also may have failed to give them credit. Here’s your chance:

1. Aaron Paul:

Apart from the fact that he never really ages and can easily be passed off as a 17-year old even now, Paul has proved his acting abilities in just one sweep move. His acting as a protege to our favorite Mr. White blew everyone’s mind away. I mean would Walter really be Walter without this amazing portrayal of Jesse Pinkman? I don’t think so. Plus he should be given extra credit for brushing off that Bong accent. (Because he is Paul, get the joke? Never mind).

2. Judy Greer:

She is to rom-coms what Rachel McAdams is to rom-coms except that she never really gets any lead roles. You name your favorite chick flick, 27 Dresses, What women want, 13 going on 30, she is just there in them all. It seems that she was born to be a supporting actor. She is one of those actresses who make the movie great by adding that extra touch which goes unnoticed and uncredited but without which the movie would lack a zest. She has been a co-star all her 20 years in the industry. So much so that even her book in named ‘‘I Don’t Know What You Know Me From’. Painful.

3. Jeffrey Morgan:

Jeffrey has done over 50 roles where he would be mistaken as the lead because he was just so damn good. Be it playing Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy or the dreamy William in P. S. I Love You or simply Negan in The Walking Dead. He has proven his capabilities, not just in term of hotness but also acting. He could easily be a substitute for Bradley Cooper if a director has money issues, which is how I think he gets most lead roles, to be honest.

4. Miles Teller:

Always side-scrapped, this actor won his lead in the amazing movie, Whiplash. While he was widely acclaimed for this, he has been doing a lot of supporting roles ever since he stepped in the industry as a teenager. Be it Hewitt in Footloose, or Daniel in That Awkward Moment, or David in War Dogs, he has been amazing in anything that he has performed. What I like the most about this actor is the consistency that he maintains throughout his roles. Here’s hoping he gets enough recognition for himself for he is still young and has miles (damn!) to go.

5. Stanley Tucci:

My most favorite of the lot, Stanley Tucci is someone who is not only a walking admiration but also a bundle of extreme talent. He has been the perfect actor no matter what role he is given be it the Publicist in Maid in Manhattan, or Airport Authority in The Terminal, or the Fashion Designer in Devil Wears Prada, in which by the way, last part of this movie wasn’t acting at all, at least for Mr. Tucci. (DWP fans will understand)

He has been nominated for Oscar too and has won several other highly reputed award. While he has been highly recognized through this awards, the reason I think he is underrated is because he has not been welcomed by the audience so much.

6. Yvette Nicole Brown:

It is so hard to remember a TV show age, in which she didn’t exist. Be it For the People, or Drake & Josh, or That’s so Raven, or Malcolm in the middle, or Community, or Rizzoli and Isles, she has been a part of all the phases of Drama on television. She is a testament to why the industry has done so well. It is actors like her which make series what they are. She too has been a part of a number of movies, of course as supporting actor, sometimes not even that. But she has incredible talent and should definitely be known for more than just a black funny side actor.

7. Mark Ruffalo:

Only this one could pull off something as lame as Mark in 13 Going On 30 and something as huge as Michael Rezendes in Spotlight. His movies, you name it, any of them, he has been real to all his acting roles. He is quite a walking irony like that. I know he has been acclaimed with a billion awards but to think that he still hasn’t received an Oscar yet, is not just painful but also makes him worthy of this list. Could he be the new ‘Leo 2017’? Something to think about…

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