US Elections – Race Of The Broken Horses

America is one country which is the indisputable world leader in all senses. It just so happens that even the smallest change in the US affects other countries hugely. It is the center of the world, metaphorically. Hence, the next president that the US chooses will affect us all in many ways that we still haven’t acknowledged. Let’s take a look at this overrated and exhausting presidential race that’s just as lengthy as it is dirty.

So at the most basic level, there are two parties that are all over each other – Democrats and Republicans. They are somewhat like the Congress and the BJP of India, if you must. The Democrats have two candidates – Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The Republicans have many but the two that stand strong are – Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

All of these are at a loss since I don’t believe any one of these clowns can live up to the legacy that Obama has left behind. Having said that, let’s take a deeper look at the inside of this circus, just for the fun of it.

Hillary Clinton: First of all, she is former President Bill Clinton’s wife. So at least people know that she has the tolerance level of employees with ‘fuck all’ bosses and can deal with the shittiest of the stuff. She hasn’t been an active member in the past when her husband ran for the presidency, but she has seen enough politics at home and otherwise. She has been a senator and later, the Secretary. She knows politics ins and outs. Apart from all this, she is a strong and diplomatic person. She is powerful and has the voice to be heard. She is a liar and full of fake promises, too. Enough qualities to become the Prez? I sure think so. She should be given the honor for her ‘Cathy Durant’ appearance alone!

Bernie Sanders: This man has experience and white skin. So he has had supporters from the day he was born, which would be somewhere in the later part of the 16th century. Safe to say, he has outlived dinosaurs and maybe simply for that, he should get the presidency. However, he hasn’t been able to address the real problems and has just been hanging in there. It seems as though he has just been put up as a candidate so that it would make Hillary win the elections. Another major concern about Bernie’s Presidency is that god forbid if he dies during his term, which, let’s be honest, is not a far stretch, all this presidency would be a waste. Plus, he lacks financial capital but has experience. So, basically, he is an engineer with a solid work experience who wants to do a startup. He is great and all that but how much does he really has left in him?


Ted Cruz: When your name sounds like a talk summit, you probably can’t be the right guy running for a presidential candidate. He is a Canadian, so half the America already hates him. If they don’t, Trump is just on his way to get the job done. Cruz has studied at the best law schools and has crossed off everything he wished for from his lists. He is determined and has an amazing sense of humor, but that won’t save him from answering this one major question – If Trump is the presidential candidate from the Republican side, will he be able to support him after all the digs he has taken at him?

Donald Trump: Words don’t do justice to this man. He is an intelligent businessman and has been selling his products all over and succeeding tremendously. But when it comes to politics, he is to White House, what Kamaal R Khan is to Bollywood. Yup, that pretty much explains it. He is cocky and oppressive. He is known for stupidly taking digs at others and not being afraid to make a fool of himself. And he is the biggest communist you’ll ever see. He has no correct sense of judgment. He still has got millions vouching for him. I still have some faith in humanity and genuinely believe that no American would want a stupid entertainer for a President. Haven’t they had enough with Bush?!

The chances of Hillary winning the Democrat seat for Presidency are high and Sanders’ is very low. Even if he manages to work harder and get a good following, the vote difference will be a little lesser but he’ll be on the side he wouldn’t want to be, that’s all!

But something that would be worth a watch would be when Trump and Cruz will be forced to support one another when one of them wins. After all the talks they have thrown at one another, no hypocrisy and diplomacy will be enough to justify their support for one another.

Anyway, while the Democrats don’t so much have it neck-to-neck, the Republicans do. There is a great chance that there won’t be a majority and hence, they will have to move on to their last option – getting supporters from other Republican candidates who were thrown out of the race which shouldn’t be difficult since there were 100 candidates on this side.

That being said, I hope no republican is crazy enough to support Trump and the chances of Ted winning this seat thus rise comparatively. It wouldn’t matter, though. Regardless of who wins this seat, I have a strong feeling that Hillary is going to be the next US President. It’s about time a female president stepped in and created another ‘Monica Lewinsky’ incident to give Bill a taste of his own medicine. Here’s hoping he didn’t buy the ‘Oh, I forgive you and I will make this marriage work despite you being a total ass’. She was waiting for her moment, Bill. You are the only American who should fear this election the most should she becomes the President!

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