Female Sexuality And A Small History Of Vibrators

Historically the males of the species thought, that too western males, that the female form could not feel sexual desire. I say the idiocy of men knows no bounds, but I declare this outrageous. If you have chanced upon any Victorian era romantic memoir (the guilty pleasures), you’ll be aware of the idea “think of England while he does the deed”. Turns out that is exactly what women thought they were supposed to do. The act leading to procreation was one of their duties.

Understandably this lead to sexual frustration in many women which in turn lead to what we like to call the classic “cray-cray” female. Physicians conveniently bundled up nervousness, irritability, sexual fantasies etc, under one umbrella – “hysteria”. Going by technically correct form, it was Female Hysteria because as per the quacks (I pity the fools) only women faced this mental disorder.

What we call sexual frustration was an illness of the brain two centuries ago. The old sawbones found an easy and reliable treatment for it. A bit of oil, the heel of the hand and good old fingers did the trick. This “massage” (yes, that’s what the treatment was called) resulted in a “paroxysms” i.e. an orgasm that cured hysteria. You see where I am going? Physicians and midwives going around making house calls one after the other giving hand-jobs. This naturally led to fatigue in a lot of treating staff. Hands meet fatigue. Fatigue meet hands. Pleasure in meeting *Pun Intended*

A much needed sojourn from (cough) *fingering* was required. Necessity became the mother of invention and some enterprising physician tinkered with motors. Hail! the vibrator was born. That is the birth story of present day B.O.Bs. The device used world over to bring pleasure was a doctor’s equipment in the past.

Since, there was no electricity they experimented with steam and water. These machines were gigantic, messy and hazardous. They were so huge that they occupied whole rooms. Hence, they were fixed to one place. As technology and culture evolved, so did the designs of  the historical vibrators.

Evolution of pleasure:

1870’s ¬- The Manipulator, a steam powered electromechanical medical instrument, invented by American physician George Taylor.

1880’s – Right about now electricity was sprouting its tendrils which led to Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville patenting the first electrical vibrator.

1890’s – The next step was to build a device that could be held in a hand. Thus, the Hand-Crank VeeDee was born. It was built by Dr. Macaura Pulsocon and looked very similar, in design, to an egg beater.

1900’s – The first electric vibrator that could be used at home was made by the company Hamilton Beach. In the next few years, they would become a household appliance and not just a doctor’s aid.

1910’s – The Pneumatic Detwiller used gas to power it and it came with various attachments. By this time ads for such devices became common in magazines targeted for women. One such ad read:

Vibration Is Life

The secret of the ages has been discovered in Vibration. Great scientists tell us that we owe not only our health but even our life strength to this wonderful force. Vibration promotes life and vigour, strength and beauty…Vibrate Your Body and Make It Well. YOU Have No Right to Be Sick.

1920’s – Around this time porn came into existence. Because they were being used in films, vibrators got attached with a stigma and gradually disappeared from mainstream consumerism. Hence, they inspired new vibrators like the Polar Cub Electric which was marketed as a beauty aid instead of a vibrator.

1930’s – The Oster Stim-U-Lax, a barber massage machine turned pleasure provider, brought in the first vibes of a personal touch. Just slip it on your hand and let your fingers do the work.

1950’s – Both the Gyro-Lator and Niagara No. 1 were made at this time. The former would be the first sex toy to look like a vibrator, which you and I would recognize. The latter would be the first device to be simple enough not to require a user manual.

1970’s – Right about now Hitachi released one of the most popular vibes till date, Magic Wand. Feminism was on the up and up and it gave a boost to the market of self pleasure.

After 1980’s sex was no more a taboo, atleast in the western world, people become more aware or their sexual needs and the sales of vibes went through the roof. Presently, we have smart vibes that move with songs or can be operated by a person sitting hundreds of kilometers away.

Who needs fiction, when the truth of a small toy is so entertaining?

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