Virender Sehwag – The Hero Twitter Needs

Virender Sehwag has called time on his international career but that hasn’t stopped him from hitting his usual cracking shots. Albeit not on the cricketing field, the Delhi boy is at it with his words on Twitter and boy oh boy is he slayin’!

Viru has truly taken the Twitter world by storm with his simplicity and Baba Sehgal like poetry. But it seems to work like a charm and the internet just can’t get enough of it. Be it Birthday wishes, congratulatory messages or just #VirukaGyaan. He’s breaking the internet in his own flamboyant way.

Here’s a bunch of our favorite tweets from Twitter’s new laughter king.

Insomnia or Social Media addiction, it’s one and the same thing these days. Now you’ve tried logging out, you’ve tried keeping your phone away on airplane mode and I’m sure some of us have popped a pill or two here and there. Rest assured, none of that has worked but #VirukGyaan tells you that once you turn you WiFi off, there’s nothing in the world that can come between you, your bed and a night of peaceful sleep.

He is funny all right. But Sehwag is also the first to motivate and encourage fellow athletes and help them deserve the recognition they truly deserve. Here he is, thanking and congratulating Dipa Karmakar for her brilliant and valiant effort in securing 4th position at the Rio Olympics. She truly did unite a billion people on the stroke of midnight and Viru put it into words brilliantly.

Think he’s only good at birthdays and cricketing tweets? Burst that bubble using a fat pin because Viru was at it wishing Serena on her record-breaking Wimbledon 2016 victory. That too in his own poetic/wordplay/funny/lame/ (any other adjective you can think of) manner. And he was spot on as usual because, let’s face it, Serena Williams is no ordinary woman when it comes to grand slams. She has a habit of saying no to defeat and Viru put forth just that in his own quirky way!

It was James Anderson’s birthday. Quite possibly the most lethal swing bowler of the recent years and Viru was at it again. As famous as James Anderson is, he has a fair point that he doesn’t have much on ex-goddess Pamela. In a lot of ways, James owes Pamela for ensuring that the Anderson name goes a long way in history for more than just cricketing achievements.

Sehwag does a lot of charity work for the poor and needy. And he was at it again when he made Debashish Mohanty relevant years after his retirement and vanishing act from the sporting world. This tweet was almost like a really good wordplay because half of today’s generation probably didn’t know who Mohanty was. They weren’t even alive or old enough to understand the logo for the 1999 cricket world cup. Yet those who did comprehend both these references were applauding the master for having played another effortless and elegant stroke.

Are you tired of people wishing you HBD on your birthday and blessing you with GBU and asking you to get well soon with GWS? #VirukaGyaan will sort your life for good. As you sow, so shall you reap was explained to the world in his own words. Here he’s asking you to return the favor to the enemies of the English language by HA HA (ing) your way out of it. If this doesn’t ignite the grammar nazi in the HBD people, there’s not much hope left for them.

Barring these, there’s a whole HOST of birthday wishes, Olympic tweets and just pure gold life tricks that he imparts on a daily basis. And if you’re on twitter but not following him yet, your twitter account is just a waste of space. If you’re not on twitter, this should provide you with enough material to download the app and get to work.

With his brilliantly timed tweets, Sehwag has indeed become a twitter hero!

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