We Rolling, We Trolling: East India Company

If you have read or watched the seventh and final part of Harry Potter series- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows then you will easily recall the segment where Harry, Ron and Hermione encounter a strange symbol that Luna’s father, Xenophilius Lovegood tells them represented the Deathly Hallows. Then he proceeds by telling them the age old story.

The story tells about three wizard brothers who once conquered death for a short while by defeating the deadly obstacles with their magic. The death was furious because it felt that the three wizards had cheated it, but pretended to congratulate them by rewarding them with gifts of their choice: The Elder Wand, The Resurrection Stone and the Invisibility Cloak. Out of the three brothers, two wished to conquer and defeat death yet again and foolishly chose their gifts accordingly. This led to their early demise. The third brother being wiser chose the Invisibility Cloak. He then hid under the Invisibility Cloak which made him postpone death until he was ready. Once he was ready, he lifted the veil and was consumed by death.

In the real world, this invisibility cloak is the internet. Although, it does not really save us from the death, it gives us a certain amount of anonymity.

We love trolling because we can be invisible…….

At Cannes Film Festival 2016, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan tried to do something different by wearing purple lipstick. As a result, she received criticism to no end. Within few hours, the ‘Purple Lips’ trolls hit the whole social media. Twitterati made fun of Aishwarya by saying that she had consumed too many Jamuns or she might have kissed a smurf.

We understand that your XII standard marks don’t matter to you at all. But then why on earth do you end up trolling the CBSE toppers every year? This year Sukriti Gupta topped the CBSE board exams all over India by scoring 497 out of 500. The social media maniacs didn’t leave a chance to troll her. They compared her percentage with Dettol’s ability to kill germs and some said that with such percentage they would have passed thrice. In some cases, people even stated that she is responsible for ruining their day. Now just imagine, if you are Sukriti, then would you be thrilled for performing the best in India or would you cringe as you’re trending for all the wrong reasons?

Even our honourable politicians don’t shy away from trolling. Earlier this year, Arvind Kejriwal tried to troll Narendra Modi over a photo of him in an e-rickshaw. But, he ended up getting trolled himself.

We Indians have become so habituated with the idea of trolling that, the day is not far when Arnab Goswami will conduct a debate as ‘Why do you troll? Tell us Minister, the nation wants to know’. Dear Lord!

Don’t worry Arnab, East India Comedy has the answer ready for you in its completely kickass video.

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