We Salute you D K Ravi

D K Ravi, discussing the importance of election to students.

D K Ravi, discussing about the importance of election to students.

Kolar, a small city in the South Indian state of Karnataka has erupted in anger and pain today. It has lost its precious gem. It has lost the person who fought against corruption in Kolar like no one did. It has lost the person who had the heart of Gold and was respected by everyone there. It has lost him to Corruption who he was passionate to throw away.

D K Ravi was a renowned personality in Kolar. The 35 year old Ravi rose from a very humble farming background to follow his dreams of serving the country and hence became an I.A.S. Officer. As Deputy Commissioner of the Kolar District, he had become very famous there. He had an open-door policy for the poor and tried to eliminate corruption in his district.

During his tenure, he took on the Sand Mafia and put an end to it. Despite the reluctance by the local police to prevent the powerful sand Mafia, he led the charge in that operation risking his life and he got the much needed popularity there. He also ran a free coaching class for the I.A.S. aspirants on Sundays to help the poor and needy

But apparently in India, the law is made to support the powerful and consequently he was transferred to Bangalore because of the powerful connections Sand Mafia had. This again led to a wide scale protests by the people of Kolar for weeks, for he was adored by all.

After Ravi was transferred to Bangalore as Additional Commissioner of Commercial taxes, he took on traders business and the quite common tax evaders. He had raided some of the big business groups including Embassy, Rajesh Exports, Shubh Jewellers, RMZ Institution, Prestige Group, Raheja Group and Mantri Developers across Karnataka.

He frequently received threat calls from the Underworld and he was also under a lot of pressure by his department to slow down his investigations.

And suddenly you hear this news about his death. Police says it might be a case of suicide after the initial investigation. DK Ravi was found hanging from ceiling at his St Johns wood apartment in Koramangala. A person so strong who wasn’t afraid to take on the Mafia without caring for his own life committing Suicide comes as a big surprise and dismay for all. The people who knew him, the people of Koral are sunk in sadness hearing the news and demand correct answers.

But the big question always remains! Till When are we going to tolerate deaths like this? An officer who stood for the country and fought for its people couldn’t protect his own life. If it was indeed a suicide then was he pressurised so much to discontinue the kind of work he was doing that ending his life was the only option left? Or there is more to what appears to be a suicide case? This makes us think – How safe are we? If it goes on like this, I wonder if we are ever going to get a corruption less country as our politicians promise us year after year without any effect.

D. K. Ravi was just one of the few who fought against corruption. And lost. But if few becomes many, then people will not have to die just because they were fighting against the corrupts. Let’s kill corruption and not the ones who want to kill it.

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