Human Psychology 101: What We Say And What We Do

Have you ever given a thought to whether do we always do what we say we will do? This might sound really weird and even ,quizzical but most of the times there’s hardly any concurrency between what we think, say and actually do. We think something and say something and end up doing something entirely different. These are those times when we want to hit ourselves. Here are some of the instances of what we actually say and what we end up doing. Students, especially college going ones would be able to relate to these.

Because Some Tasks Are Important

What we say: “As soon as I get home I’m going to start with that important task (say an assignment) and complete it because piling up my work is not sensible. And I am a sensible person.”

What we actually do: Sleep with our butts sticking out in the air and face squished into the pillow. If only we had to procrastinate sleeping, we would totally succeed at it.

Taking Time Out For Personal Idiosyncrasies

What we say: “Ew! That guy is picking his nose! Gross! I can’t even look at him”

What we do: “Oh boy! That’s one big piece of booger! How does it fit inside my nose?! Amazing!” I know gross, but hey! You don’t have to agree to every single one.

Being Organized Is A Priority

What we say: “ I should definitely clean up my room and organize things properly”

What we do: “Wasn’t this my eraser from 4th grade? I used to actually use an eraser at that time. Such nostalgia!” yes accept it, we do get lost and forget to clean up.

Beating Sharma Ji’s Son Should Be A No. 1 Goal

What we say: this one is the most common one, “This semester I would definitely study with my full potential and actually score better than Sharma ji’s son”

What we do: Netflix! Facebook! Instagram! Surfing Youtube on how to communicate with a giraffe. *sigh*

Pushing Your Limits

What we say: Just one more episode. One more game. Just one more chapter. Just once more snooze. The list goes on.

What we do: Continue doing what you are doing because well Newton’s first law states that an object will remain in motion unless acted upon by some external force. So we are maintaining the balance of universe by following Physics.

Early Bird Gets The Worm

What we say: “Tomorrow I will wake up early and work out to reduce all this blubber”

What we do: “To hell with the society! Why do they want to change us? I love myself the way I am!”, then we hog with guilt, again get motivated to lose weight and thus repeat the whole process.

I Can Play The “Avoiding” Game

What we say: “Oh? So now my crush isn’t replying to me even after reading my messages? I will also avoid you.”

What we do: Reply in 0.3 seconds after our crush texts.

Utmost Nutrition

What we say: “Hm I am bored and hungry, I’ll go grab something to eat”

What we do: Open the door to the fridge and stare awkawardly at it’s contents. After much thought we return, but with despair from the lack of stock of junk food in it.

Human Interaction All The Way

What we say: Let’s admit this we have said something awkward at least once to a person without thinking. Instead of improving the situation what do we do? (at least I definitely do this)

What we do: Make things more awkward by not shutting up. Then cry in the corner because I’m such failure at social interactions.

Respecting Your Phone

What we say: “hey check out my brand new phone! I will treat this one like a baby”

What we do:  One month after that dialog, some hit it to make it work as if it’s the hardware’s problem.

Yes, we are all a little weird. But I guess that’s what makes everything amusing and worth looking forward to the next thing.

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