Who Finally Won?

The big news for ToI readers (well, according to The Hindu’s opinion about the ToI readers) as well as for the others is the “assault” that Shar Rukh Khan launched on Shirish Kunder at the Agneepath success (?) party after Shirish made fun of SRK’s Ra.One (just like the rest of the world and its dog did) and praised Salman Khan. Of course, after the debacle called Ra.One and the “I’m-so-suave-for-my-suit” Don 2, Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t have much to boast about. Hence the mild success of Agneepath is also starting to bother him. Must say however, that this entire incident has filled us with mirth and laughter. Also, an excellent meme-

(On second thought, this might just be PR machinery of the two celebrities working like a well-oiled controversy machine).


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