Why I Became An Atheist!

1“God, Please Help me pass the exam!”

“God, Please help me get a new job!”

“God, Please help me get married to the love of my life”

Every religious Person has said these exact words at some point in their life. For some, these wishes come true making their God even more divine and great. And for the unlucky others, their hatred for “God” increases which possibly stays for some time till their good luck strikes again and God becomes miraculous again. Apparently, God works in mysterious ways.

I too have had this experience. I did not write my tests well but my parents expected me to get good marks. “Let’s pray to God to help you get a good result” – they said. I didn’t study for the tests but the test was important. “Let’s pray to God to help you give an easy question paper.” There is power cut at home but my favourite show is going to be aired. “Let’s pray to God so that he fixes it soon.” (I actually did this). At that time I didn’t even know the meaning of the term atheist.

Everything went on like this for some point but this had become monotonous and had stopped making sense. Whom was I kidding? This blame game was about to end soon. Blaming God for not performing and praising him for performing great had become lame. Either way, you are actually deriving yourself of the praise you actually deserve or just passing on the blame for the things you could have done better.

Thanks to Google and some close friends, I could discuss about anything that seemed “godly”. Luckily, I got most of the answers but some unanswered questions didn’t prove the existence of God either. And hence began my transition into Atheism. Logic had overruled the existing belief I had. I now knew that the result I get only correspond to my actions. It has nothing to do with me praying to God or not.

I had become a free spirit now. I knew I had the power inside me to do what I want, achieve what I deserve, make rational decisions and not attaching myself to false hope, which I don’t deserve. I knew I was responsible for my actions and hence whatever be the result, I just kept on getting better.

Since, there is no blame game involved now, you just can’t pass the reason of your failure to someone else. You understand that and you cease to work better for it. You can now praise yourself for the great work you have put for that astonishing result and not God. You don’t wait for one of those God’s miracles to happen but you work for it.

Yes, God gives you faith to cling on when you are down and have no one else in your life. Yes, it makes you feel good about being under some guidance and shadow. But, It also strives you of the opportunity to think you have that power inside you to get whatever you want, be what you want. And when you are down, you just cling on to another lie about being with someone when you could work on your failures and get even better.

God is not going to help you pass your exams. Work hard next time. You have the power to do that.

God is not going to get you a new job. Make some fierce decisions, build a great path and you will land your dream job.

God is not going to help you get married to your girlfriend. If you truly love her, go for her.

Only you can make it happen. No one else can. You are God. Always Remember that.

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